“Essen soll begeistern - seit über 50 Jahren. apetito Verpflegungslösungen”

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1 / 3 What is sustainability?

Sustainable development must give equal priority to economic, environmental and social goals in order to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

2 / 3 Sustainability...

...is firmly integrated in our corporate policy and there is a complete management system in place to balance different aspects of sustainable development. We also publish regular sustainability reports, and have been since 1999.

3 / 3 Major achievements:

- More than 20% reduction of water, gas and electricity use
- 48% reduction of detergent use as well as waste water cleaning
- Separate collection and recycling of waste material such as tin, paper, plastic etc.

1 / 2 The apetito-Group world-wide

With its successful 55 years’ experience, the apetito group has its head office in Germany and subsidiaries in the UK, France, Canada, the Netherlands, Austria & Spain. Over 2100 of apetito’s 9000 employees are stationed outside of Germany.

2 / 2 Areas of business abroad:

UK & Canada: meals on wheels, hospital, local authority and care home catering, pastry production  -  France & Spain: institutional & individual catering - The Netherlands: retail market, institutional & individual catering - Austria: institutional catering